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Littles Creative & Connected

Our program offers a variety of classes for children 8 months - 10 years.

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What We Do:

Littles Creative & Connected classes are ALL ABOUT PLAY! We believe that PLAY supports brain and body development, builds intrinsic motivation for learning, and creates a natural environment for children to move, build body strength, and practice social skills. 

The environment of a classroom is very important to us! Nature, natural materials, how we set up the play space, and how individuals of a classroom interact is all very intentional here at Littles.

What You'll Experience:

You will notice LOTS of play. While it is play, it packs a strong punch developmentally. Play in Early Childhood supports motor development, language, cognitive development, social emotional.... WHEN supported by educated, caring and supportive adults. A classroom that is Child-led is a space we strive for and work to advocate for. 

We are a family focused, community driven classroom that hears individuals. With small classroom ratios, teachers build strong relationships with children and families.


Our classroom consulation works to bring this mind-set to other classrooms. We are here to support children and TEACHERS. 

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